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Check out the DropCaps .  I love the things.

All the fonts here are Windows TrueType fonts. Sorry, no Mac fonts, because I'm not equiped to test them.

Get Font Compare, Freeware Font Viewer

Need clipart to go with the fonts? Some of mine is here.

Bandwidth Workaround: Most font files are fairly small, under 50K, but drop caps and dingbats can be whoppers. Some of the bigger ones are living here for the moment in order to take some of the bandwidth strain off the main site while I look for a new web host.  When you click the link for one of these, a new window will open, where you can download the font. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Tripod sort of fixed the download problem  It seems to work OK with the browsers, but gives download managers, fits. The workaround is to left click on the link, then when Tripod's page opens, hold down the ALT key and let the browser handle the download. The files aren't that big. Another possiblity is this page, which is stored on Yahoo Briefcase and works fine with download managers. It will open in a new window, so just keep it open and download from there, if you prefer. All the fonts are in the fontzip directory, but linking directly to fontzip seems to be unreliable.

Looking for a font? Try the site search, but don't hold your breath.  It's still being tweeked
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