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The PackRat's Hard Disk

Welcome to an eclectic collection of the fun and useful.
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Laughing hyena
Jokes about all kinds of things. They are clean jokes. Tripod has rules.
These are unusual fonts, best used as titles or drop caps. Not the sort of thing that came with the word processor. There is also a collection of dingbats.
Get Font Compare , my freeware font viewer. Compare three fonts at a time check alphabet, punctuation and extended characters with one mouse click.
Create a free Greeting Card
Pick up your free Greeting Card
Free stuff on the internet.
The clipart is my stuff at the moment. CDR and WMF formats.
Finally finished sorting out the wallpaper . At the moment, there are NASA pics in two sizes, 1024x768 and 800x600. There is also some miscellaneous 800x600 left over from the days of the 15 inch monitor, as well as fancy seamless tiles that will fit any monitor.
This is the ever popular Skunk Smell Remover page. The formula has been tested on my smelly dog and really does the job.
Everybody has a Links page. Fonts and Wallpaper today

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